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The aim of the EMF badge is to give people interesting hardware they've probably not experimented with before while being simple enough that anyone can play with it.

Contacting the badge team

EMF2024 - Tildagon

Tildagon preliminary documentation

Announcement blog post: Tildagon: The EMF 2024+ badge

Introducing the Tildagon: A reusable badge with modular components upgraded at each event, and hexpansion slots to fill with your own creations.

EMF2022 - TiDAL

TiDAL documentation main page.

App store hatchery.

EMF2018 - TiLDA Mkδ


TiLDA Mkδ main page.

2018 badge announcement on our blog

EMF2016 - TiLDA Mkπ


TiLDA_MK3 main page.

2016 badge announcement on our blogπ-the-hackable-conference-badge-that

Update, we have sponsors, the badge is saved!

EMF2014 - TiLDA MKe


The TiLDA MKe project is code named "ElectroMagnetic Boogaloo"

The MKe is an entirely new design, based on the Arduino Due. It brings an LCD display, Accelerometer and Gyro, along with a long-range wireless transceiver. The original specification was to give people live schedule updates and camp notifications, but the hardware was capable of much more.

Please Note: There are a couple of minor hardware and some firmware issues with the MKe that might be effecting your badge. If you've let the magic smoke out of your charge controller or have tried to re-flash and ended up with nothing but a couple of dimly glowing lights then DO NOT DESPAIR -It's recoverable and fixes, documentation and lots of firmware are still being produced :)

EMW2013 - SiNE

800px-SiNE Front Angle.JPG

SiNE: Investigating the Neighbourhood of EMW

Each attendee of Electromagnetic Wave received a SiNE badge, allowing them to take part in a treasure hunt based around the boat. By solving the clues, attendees were directed to an object or location either on or near the Stubnitz. The clue letter was also the first letter of the answer - large matching letters fitted with IR code transmitters were stored at each location. Holding your badge in front of the letter lit the corresponding light on a badge, allowing the user to collect them all!

EMF2012 - TiLDA MK1

The first EMF camp badge, base around the Arduino Leonard, with on board IR, NRF24 Radio and RGB LED's.
Revealing TiLDA, our camp badge!

Badge Team

The badge team is being headed by