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You can use either windows or linux, although windows will not have most things installed by default

git, make, python, etc

I will just assume you have this


https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded/+download You will have to make the ```arm-none-eabi-gcc``` from the bin directory available to your system (add to PATH, symlink or copy)


sudo pip install pyusb


# Clone this repo
git clone git@github.com:emfcamp/micropython.git

# Switch to our work branch
cd micropython
git checkout tilda-master

# Now we can build the firmware and flash it to the badge
# You have to boot the badge into dfu mode by pressing down the center
# joystick button while pressing the reset button to trigger a reboot
make -C stmhal BOARD=STM32L475_EMFBADGE --deploy