TiLDA MK3/reset

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Should things stop working there are multiple ways to get your badge working again. Please make sure you have a backup of whatever you've been working on, you might lose all the data stored on you badge:

  • Try deleting the file you have been working on, "safely eject" the badge and then press the reset button.
  • Delete all other files apart from boot.py, wifi.json and bootstrap.py, "safely eject" the badge and then press the reset button.
  • Factory reset the badge. Press and hold 'MENU' and then press the reset button on the back. Keep the MENU button held down, then release it when both the green light is on and the screen is white. (See here for more information. The USR button equals the MENU button, the orange light doesn't exist)

All these steps should finally get you to a screen saying "Downloading TiLDA software". It should take less than a minute until the bare badge functionalities are restored.