TiLDA MK4/Run Code

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Through the REPL

  • Todo: Please write how to do that on different operating systems
  • todo: how to use a REPL

Use the "mass storage" app

  • easy to do
  • make sure to safely eject every time
  • has a tendency to corrupt the filesystem - link to reset instructions
  • hard to debug errors
  • todo: add more information

Use Mk4-Apps tilda_tools

  • Probably most convenient, but a bit more involved:
  • You can use "./tilda_tools run <file.py>" to run code without copying anything, but if you want to make sure you have all your libraries updated use "./tilda_tools app my_app" instead.
  • https://badge.emfcamp.org/wiki/TiLDA_MK4/tilda-tools