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Should your badge stop working there are these ways to fix it. Please make sure you have a backup of whatever you've been working on, you might lose all the data stored on your badge.

Todo: Is there an easier way?

Factory reset the badge

Press and hold 'MENU' and then briefly press the reset button on the back. Keep the MENU button held down, then release it when both the green and red LED are on at the same time. Both LEDs should flash for a few times. Wait a few seconds until the blinking has stopped and press reset again.

After that you should finally get a screen saying "Downloading TiLDA software". It should take less than a minute until the badge functionalities are restored, but you will have to re-install your apps.

P.S. The micropython documentation on factory resetting is here. On the TiLDA MK3 the USR button is the MENU button, and the orange LED is actually red.