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tilda_tools is a toolchain for working with the micropython environment on the badge.


  • Python 3
  • pyserial


  • Open a terminal in the Mk4-Apps/ directory. tilda_tools is in the root of this directory.
  • Windows users - install Python 3.7 (if you haven't already), choose the option to add it to PATH if you wish to, and create a file tilda_tools.bat in the root folder of Mk4-Apps then put the following code in it to execute tilda_tools
python .development/tilda_tools.py

OR if you have not added your python install to PATH

"Path where your Python exe is stored\python.exe" .development/tilda_tools.py

where "Path where your Python exe is stored\python.exe" is something like: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Python36-32\python.exe"


tilda_tools <options>

-d --device  : serial interface (default: auto)
-s --storage : path to flash storage


Reboot badge
$ tilda_tools reset

Soft reboot badge and start specific app
$ tilda_tools reset --boot my_app

Update files on the badge to match the current local version, restarts afterwards
$ tilda_tools sync

Update files in folder(s) to match current local version
$ tilda_tools sync my_game shared
$ tilda_tools sync <pattern1> <pattern2> ...

Sync (as above), but execute my_app after reboot
$ tilda_tools sync --boot my_app [<other sync parameter>]

Sync (as above), but execute a single file afterwards without copying it to the badge
$ tilda_tools sync --run some_other_file.py

Sync a given app and execute it
$ tilda_tools app home_default

Executes a single file on the badge without copying anything (Using pyboard.py)
$ tilda_tools run my_app/main.py

Runs local validation (doesn't require a badge, but doesn't run unit tests)
$ tilda_tools validate

Runs local validation and badge-side tests
$ tilda_tools test

Update firmware on badge (warning, this will delete all settings etc. stored on the badge!)
$ tilda_tools firmware-update

Setup wifi.json to be copied to the badge on every sync
$ tilda_tools wifi