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The Unnecessary Hexpansion Bureaucracy Implementers Forum (UHB-IF) exists to implement unnecessary hexpansion bureaucracy.

The only way to obtain a Vendor ID to use with hexpansion EEPROMs is via the UHB-IF. You will need a vendor ID to make a valid hexpansion EEPROM header. UHB-IF makes sure that Vendor IDs used by hexpansions are inconvenient to obtain. To obtain a Vendor ID, fill out the right UHB-IF form. Forms are available from authorized representatives of the UHB-IF. The authorized representative at EMF2024 is the Consulate. To request the right form from the Scottish Consulate, please fill in form REQ1 and present it in person to the Scottish Consulate during their posted hours of operation. Some copies of REQ1 might be available at the badge team and/or Scottish Consulate. For further information about how the Scottish Consulate handles procedures can be found in their wiki.

Organizations wishing to use the legacy REQ-9 method of application should contact the authorized representative for further instructions.

UHB-IF/Issued IDs

In defiance of the UHB-IF, rebel hackers have homesteaded on some vendor IDs. They are linked below:

UHB-IF/Uncontrolled IDs

The UHB-IF does not approve of unbureaucratic mechanisms like this, but is powerless to do anything about them.