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These VIDs were taken over by the hacker community without the UHB-IF's permission. As they are in use, there is no way to enforce exclusivity for them, and therefore the UHB-IF cannot assign them to anyone else. They are self-managed by the community using them. Add your hexpansion PID to the list to ensure nobody else uses the same identifiers. Please add in numeric order to make searching easier.


Used for open hardware hexpansions.

devices with VID=0xf055
PID Name Description Author Link to source
0x0000 Example1 This is an example entry H.Acker [1]
0x???? Template This is a template entry - please edit YourNickHere [2]
0x4247 GCHQ.NET Quest Marker Quest marker for Great Camp Hexpansion Quest GCHQ.NET [3]
0x8426 "Legacy" connector adapter Shitty add-ons? TiDAL projects? I2C sensors? Connect them easy. dratini0 [4]
0x8427 HUB75 hexpansion I think the Tildagon can drive an LED wall panel. dratini0 [5]
0x9009 Googly Eye Googly Eye Hexpansion thinkl33t [6]


Used for any kind of hexpansion.

devices with VID=0xcafe
PID Name Description Author Link/image
0x0000 Example1 This is an example entry H.Acker [7]
0x0191 Maker Space Badge The Maker Space logo with LEDs, ducks and rabbits. Dan Nixon [8]
0x0CA7 Cat ears Cat ears with neopixels Rox tbd
0x5BAA Janky Machine What even is art, really? walkerdanny TBD
0x5107 Solar Panel Poorly thought through solar range extender Coral (Correlation) [9]
0x5E6A MD Interface Control the badge with SEGA Megadrive 3 button controllers Matthew Wilkes TBC
0xCAFF Caffeine Jitters When the second Club Mate hits walkerdanny TBD
0xCBCB HexDrive Dual Motor or 4 Servo Driver Robotmad [10]
0xD15C Flopagon 16MB SPI Flash storage Nathan Dumont TBD
0xDC01 Omni Wheel A single motor/encoder with omni wheel Nathan Dumont [11]
0x???? Template This is a template entry - please edit YourNickHere [12]