TiLDA MK4/Badge Store Submissions

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Todo: Please elaborate on these steps

To submit your badge app to the official badge store, you will need to:

  • Create a GitHub account [1]
  • Download and install git on your local computer [2]
  • Set up git on your local computer with your username and email address (link to set up user and email)
  • Fork the emfcamp/Mk4-Apps repo (link)
  • Clone your GitHub repo to your computer (link) (maybe mention https://desktop.github.com/ ?)
  • Add your app to your local repo (link)
  • Create a Pull Request (link)
  • Over time, your GitHub report will get out of sync with the changes that have been made to the emfcamp/Mk4-Apps repo so you will need to update your GitHub repo (link)

Rules for apps in the official badge store

  • App has to be "Rated G: General Audiences – all ages admitted"
  • App should not be of malicious nature
  • App complies with EMF's Code of Conduct
  • No code/image hot-loading without good reasons (since it might be change after the review process)
  • It's fine for people to improve on Apps other have written. Likewise, if you submit an App, be aware that others can and will make changes to it.