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Rules for apps in the official badge store

  • App has to be "Rated G: General Audiences – all ages admitted"
  • App should not be of malicious nature
  • App complies with EMF's Code of Conduct
  • No code/image hot-loading without good reasons (since it might be change after the review process)
  • It's fine for people to improve on Apps other have written. Likewise, if you submit an App, be aware that others can and will make changes to it.

Packaging up your badge app for submission to the store

Every app becomes a new folder in the root of the Mk4-App GitHub repository. So if you create a "snake" app, you need to put your program files in a folder called "snake" with at least a "main.py" in it.

App names need to be unique (the folder structure enforces that). App folders can contain multiple files (python and non python), but at a minimum "main.py" with the correct headers is required.

Plesae verify that your apps folder structure is correct by running "./tilda_tools validate" (this works without a badge) before submitting it to the badge app store as the validations is also run by Travis to check pull requests.


main.py headers:

___title___         = "<your_app_name>"
___license___      = "MIT"
___dependencies___ = ["wifi", "http", "ugfx_helper", "sleep"]
___categories___   = ["<see below>"]
___bootstrapped___ = True # Whether or not apps get downloaded on first install. Defaults to "False", mostly likely you won't have to use this at all.

Please use one of these categories:

  • System
  • Homescreens
  • Games
  • Sound
  • EMF
  • Villages
  • Phone
  • LEDs
  • Sensors
  • Demo
  • Other

Submitting your badge app to the official badge store

  • Create a GitHub account [1]
  • Download and install git on your local computer [2]
  • Set up git on your local computer with your username and email address [3]
  • Fork the emfcamp/Mk4-Apps repo [4]
  • Clone your GitHub repo to your computer [5]
  • Add your app to your local repo [6]
  • Create a Pull Request [7]
  • Over time, your GitHub repo will get out of sync with the changes that have been made to the emfcamp/Mk4-Apps repo so you will need to update your GitHub repo [8]

If you prefer a GUI interface, you could consider https://desktop.github.com/