TiLDA MK4/Firmware Update

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TiLDA Mk4 is being actively developed. This doesn't just include changes on the python code (which can be updated via the Badge Store), but also for the firmware. Think of it as updating your operating system. Like an operating system update it's a bit more involved than just updating applications.

Warning: You might potentially lose all your apps and settings.

What you need:

You should also look up how to use tilda-tools.

This is how to do it:

  • Put your Badge into DFU mode. To do so press the centre of the joystick press reset while doing so. Release the joystick afterwards.
  • Run the firmware update:
    • OSX / Linux: Open a terminal, go to your Mk4-Apps folder and run "./tilda_tools firmware-update".
    • Windows: Todo
  • Follow the onscreen information
  • Don't forget to press the reset buttons once the firmware update was successful.