TiLDA MK3/App Store Submissions

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How to submit

Zip your folder up, sign up to http://api.badge.emfcamp.org/, create a new app and publish it

Common Problems

Please check these things before publishing your app:

  • Your app will end up in "app/username~appname", so please make sure all you paths are using that. Example: open("app/myname~myapp/some.json")
  • Please make sure the meta data at the top of the file is ok
  • Please make sure to use ugfx.init() and buttons.init(), it makes it easier for me to review

Besides those, there are currently problems with apps that have too many files (lots of images for example) or use too much memory (big arrays). If it's possible in any way, please try to keep both down. We're working on reducing memory usage.