TiLDA MK4/Code Structure

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main.py headers:

""" <your description>
___title___         = "<your_app_name>"
___license___      = "MIT"
___dependencies___ = ["wifi", "http", "ugfx_helper", "sleep"]
___categories___   = ["<see below>"]
___bootstrapped___ = True # Whether or not apps get downloaded on first install. Defaults to "False", mostly likely you won't have to use this at all.

Please use one of these categories:

  • System
  • Homescreens
  • Games
  • Sound
  • EMF
  • Villages
  • Phone
  • LEDs
  • Sensors
  • Demo
  • Other

Exiting main.py

Ensure your apps calls app.restart_to_default() when finished

from app import restart_to_default # import at the beginning of your code

restart_to_default() # call on exit of main.py